Things To Do On A Holiday To Almeria

Things To Do On A Holiday To Almeria


Spain continues to be the center of attention of countless vacationers as a result of its entertaining and historic sites. Located within South East Spain, the province of Almeria offers a lot to those looking for some fun as well as history buffs. Here’s a listing of the spots you cannot miss when checking out Almeria.

Cabo de Gata Almeria

Cabo de Gata Almeria is a natural park which covers a total land of around 45000 hectares.This amusement park is placed near the shore. The mountainous backdrop helps make the park a thrilling beauty. Geologists think the mountain in the backdrop is volcanic. Standing in front of the mountain, the place with beautiful, white sand coastline is certainly a place which you would want to visit on your holiday to Almeria.

Furthermore you will view a coral reef near the seashore. On exploring the park, you’ll find that it is built differently as compared to its contemporaries. It’s extremely wonderful and you are going to uncover at least one place in just about every nook to cature lovely photos. Moreover, you will also love watersports at the shore.

Alcazaba Castle

almeria-15Found on the top part of the mountain, the Alcazaba castle was home for around 25000 armed troops.The palace was located on the hill top to serve as an observatory so soldiers could keep an eye on each moment of the pirates and invaders. Furthermore, it was tough for enemies to get at the top of the hill due to challenges and lack of travelling tracks.

The Alcazaba castle additionally incorporates cathedral, made in typical Gothic design. The church was made in 1524, however got wrecked as a consequence of intense earthquake. The church was reconstructed then again became a victim of following battles. It has been rebuilt several times and to this date, stands in its magical beauty. It has a few invaluable ancient art pieces. The statue is constructed of genuine marble stone, and also carving works are incredibly gorgeous.

Mojacar Church

almeria13Mojacar Church is located in a town with the same name, Mojacar, in the province of Almeria. It had been basically a fort before it was converted to a cathedral. It was actually utilized as a custom house in the 18th century. To this date, it serves the same function. The beautiful arch is considered to have been crafted during the 15th century and appears very pleasing as you move through it.

Moorish Fountain

almeria16This is another fascinating place to explore in Almeria. This is a spot which no tourist should miss when holidaying in Almeria. History suggests, the beautiful fountain was manufactured in the Roman age. It primarily functioned as the source of water for those located in Mojarcar. The interesting fact is that the history of the city is magnificently written on the stone placed surrounding the water fountain.