My Cycling Break in Barcelona

cycling1I’m an ardent cyclist, so I could not pass up the opportunity to go on a biking tour in Barcelona. Sightseeing while biking is an enjoyable adventure. What’s more, it’s easy to “feel” the city in a way that is not possible when taking a tram, bus, or the metro. It’s best to get a guide who will offer commentary as you ride along. The bike tour I took included Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, the Barcelona Cathedral, Ciutadella Park, the Gothic Quarter, and a couple of more places.

The Gothic Quarter was probably the most enjoyable on my cycling break. The Gothic buildings, the spiritual connotations of Saint Eulalia and the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, were deeply moving. The structures are astounding and worth every ounce of energy I used pedaling to view them!

cycling13La Ramblas is the colossal pedestrian pathway full of saplings and other vegetation. It’s full of life and filled with dining places and souvenir stores. I enjoyed the waterfront harbor the Port Vell Old Harbor. It’s relaxing and serene. The lavish yachts and vessels are awesome. There is also the Olympic Harbor, which is very modernistic. I also cycled through one of the key boulevards in Barcelona the “Paseig de Gracia Street.” La Pedrera and Casa Batllo are located there. These two domiciles were designed and constructed by Gaudi, a very famous architect from Spain. In fact, many of Spain’s edifices are inspired by Gaudi’s extraordinary architecture and vision.

The city is amazingly bike friendly and it’s inspiring to visit many places that the tour buses will totally miss. It was great because the tour was in English as well. If you love bike riding I highly recommend taking a cycling break in Barcelona.

cycling12Barcelona Has Been a Holiday Dream Come True

There are so many words that can depict my feelings about Barcelona. It’s such an inspiring place and has everything you could possibly dream of when going on holiday. Wonderful food, beautiful beaches, great night life, and a friendly and warm people. What’s more, visiting the city won’t hurt your budget either if you know the right places to stay and how to get around. I hope my description of my visits to Barcelona has inspired you to visit this fascinating city. You won’t regret it!


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