Andalucía – The Ideal Place to Go for a Great Vacation


Andalucía – The Ideal Place to Go for a Great Vacation

In the southern part of Spain, you can discover one of the most culturally rich and colorful regions in the world, Andalucía. Tapas, flamenco and bullfighting have their roots in the region’s culture. Real Spanish spectacles of shapes and colors, Andalusian celebrations are famous all over the world. If you are planning to go to Spain, you shouldn’t miss Andalucía and all the travel tips we will provide below.

See a Bullfight

andalucia-11Even though lots of people think about it as being too violent, bullfighting remains to this day an important activity in Spanish civilization. These kinds of competitions started in the time in which Moors reigned over the Spanish region as religious rituals, later evolving in a sport with spectators. The matadors are the ones that go into the arena to battle the bulls, being paid and treated like football stars in our country.

If you want to ensure that you do not miss out the bullfighting events in Andalucía, you must consult an event calendar. If bullfighting fascinates you, you can also check out one of the many bullfighting museums in the area. In the museums you can find a selection of bullfighting history, outfits and photographs. A bullfighting contest in the region will make your journey worthwhile.

Go to Seville and Try Some Tapas

andalucia-12The capital city of Andalucía is Seville, so you must absolutely go there. It features every classic element closely associated with Andalucía, including winding streets, dreamy plazas, tapas pubs, spectacular views and cozy wine. When you are in this region, tasting tapas in Seville is a must. There are a lot of bars that have tapas all across Seville and you can quickly find one to match your taste. Among the best tapas bars in Seville are Santa Maria La Blanca, Calles Mateas Gago and Alfalfa. Being the capital city of Andalucía, Seville is a city you should not miss. All the great things about Andalucia are featured there. You can enjoy fantastic wines, take walks in charming plazas and go to tapas bars. One of the primary attractions of Seville are tapas bars and you absolutely need to go to at least one. There are a great deal of excellent possibilities to select from. Among the most renowned ones are San Eloy, Alfalfa and Calles Mateas Gago.

Experience the Miracle of Flamenco

andalucia-14Flamenco, the dance and song of gypsies in Andalucía, is one of the things that made Spain famous. Although it seemed to be lost for some time, a brand-new generation of performers have managed to revive it. You can enjoy Flamenco in 2 different ways – Tablao, which is a performance mainly arranged for travelers, and Pena Flamenca, which focuses on the genuine aspect of this art.

Tablao is focused on the nightlife of Seville. It is followed by a Pena Flamenca performance involving tapas and beverages. This component of the spectacle is more artistic. A lot of people consider this to be genuine.

Go to a Local Celebration

Festivals are most certainly one of the best ways to experience Spanish culture. In this region, over 3000 celebrations are organized each year, including pilgrimages, fairs, theological processions and carnivals.

Some of the festivals you must not miss are Holy Week, Feria de Abril and Spring Fair. Semana Santa, meaning the Holy Week, is a large spiritual procession in the streets, with idols and floats. The Spring Fair is a colorful event, with songs, dances, drinks and Spanish delicacies.

If all the things we discussed here are appealing to you, book a flight right now and we guarantee you will have the experience of your lifetime.