Descover Alicante

Descover Alicante

benidorm-2The historic Mediterranean harbour of Alicante has become an incredibly well-liked tourism spot whose economical development greatens every year. Once a somewhat shabby sea-port now it has transformed itself into an attractive spot popular with holiday makers around the globe. The city is the capital of the province of Alicante as well as the second most significant Valencian city having a population close to 350,000 occupants. The city was initially identified as “Lucentum” that means “City of Light”; it’s got thrilling evenings, incredible restaurants and much to try that one can never bore.

Alicante provides all the charms of the Mediterranean; limited winter season, lengthy summers and scarcely any rains. The city is well known due to its lovely boulevard that is brimming with exotic palm trees and bustling shopping streets. Along side Alicante harbour you can find striking long alleys to stroll through where you may appreciate the palm trees and the mild climate.

benidorm-4Whatever your age or interests are, Alicante offers something for everybody. Tabarca, , a wonderful little island, in close proximity to the sea-coast and is definitely worth a visit. This little island is probably the most inhabited island within the Valencian Community although it is only 18,00m in length and 400m wide. Popular among the tourists, it can see above 3000 visitors everyday. A person should not miss out on heading to Tabarca; it can ensure that you get your ideal vacation from the fast paced town life.

benidorm-5There are also gigantic shopping malls and wonderful parks that offer a lot of fun the entire year. When you’re searching for something highly cultured however pay a visit to the famous Castillo de Santa Barbara. Castillo de Santa Barbara is located the heart of Alicante and is listed among the most important ancient Spanish castles. The castle is also a landmark of the city of Alcante being located on the Mount Benacanti’s top, and here visitors may visit the castle and be mesmerized by the picturesque views of Alicante it discloses. The Museum of the City of Alicante (MUSA), present within the castle, and will present you with a number of adventures of several historical eras together with remarkable art pieces of ancient times.

If you’re interested in something high-end then pay a visit to the Alicante Marina which boasts awesome shopping places, high-end dining places and maritime adventures. If you are searching for a more budget-friendly endeavor, pay a visit to Alicante’s indoor market place. The market is based in a beautiful art-deco building that has been engineered by Juan Vidal Ramos between 1911 and 1912. It’s rounded appendage capped by a semi-spherical cupola is known as “La Rotonda” and the building structure would have been perceived as incredibly advanced for that era.The market is stuffed with fabulous healthy foods, sweets, dates, figs olives along with treats. The marketplace is well-liked among regional people and is filled up with the nearby Spanish people who procure their staple snacks from this point, and thus offers a decent insight into the Spanish way of living.

If you’re keen on having an outdoors meal, go out for those modish eateries with dishes and specials recorded outdoors on chalkboards. For the unversed traveler this may be a particularly valued 3 or 2 course lunch, which frequently is including wine or a drink that you desire.You can find impressive staying places in the city with inexpensive hostels for anyone low on cash to extremely first-class hotels for those who plan to splash out. Generally, the accommodation within Alicante are comfy and very affordable so accommodation ought to be the the very least of your fears alternatively if you you would like to experience a beach holiday you can travel up the coast to find villa holidays in Javea moraira or Denia, all offer stunning Villas at affordable prices .


Alicante is a preferred tourist location. It boasts a sunny Mediterranean weather conditions and allows tons to check out and do. For the people whose perception of of the most enjoyable location is water and beach sand, you can find stretches of fabulous shoreline to appreciate along with quality cafes and restaurants all close to your accomodation. From galleries and mansions to shopping centers and recreational areas; the place is loaded with vibrancy and beauty. Whatever you take joy in in you vacation Alicante has some attractions for all people.